Yoga became a part of my life 4 years ago. Since I began practicing, I have noticed myriad changes in my mind, body and spirit. So much so, in fact, that I believe that regular practice will help mitigate and/or eradicate illness in a body infirmed, quell anxiety and stress in a mind overwhelmed, improve flexibility and enhance muscle strength and tone despite the inevitable effects of the aging process. In short, I believe that by practicing yoga regularly one will be happier, healthier and live longer.

It is this set of beliefs about my practice that gets my body into the driver’s seat of my car, donning my yoga togs, to make my way over to the Venice studio where I practice after a tumultuous day at the office when all I really want to do is plop down into my big comfortable living room chair in front of the tube and stuff my face with junk food. Hey, I may sound like a yogi by virtue of my regular FB and Twitter yoga-centric posts, but really, I’m just a reformed couch potato.

Despite everything I just wrote, I do suffer from an illness that even yoga hasn’t been able to completely eradicate from my system, Vertigo (clinical term: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). For almost a decade I have dealt with dastardly dizziness and it’s sidekick, nasty nausea, several times a year. These bouts of vertigo can last a few days or a few weeks and let me tell you all, it is awful and relief from the symptoms, hard to come by. I believe practicing yoga has lessened the regularity of my dizzy spells, but as I said above the magic that is yoga has been unable to make my vertigo completely disappear.

Case in point, I have been dizzy as can be for the last few weeks. Despite this state of affairs I decided that I’d attempt a yoga class last night regardless. About 15 minutes into the session, I was regretting my decision. The dizziness descended upon me with the weight of an anvil. I had completely lost my ability to balance, I was nauseous and the room felt as if it was a violent seesaw. My symptoms were so strong that I even blacked out for a few seconds at the end of class. It was scary. Defeated, deflated and sick as a dog, I made my way home in tears wondering if I’d ever be able to attempt an asana again.

Well, my wondering is over. I woke this morning completely free of dizziness, the pressure between my ears non-existent. Trying to figure out why and how this occurred after the nightmare of last night’s yoga session, I have come to the conclusion that the asanas we practiced near the end of class last night seemed very similar to the treatment I have received from my doctor for this issue in the past. By the way, I also have a violent reaction to that treatment as well. However, a few hours after the treatment I usually feel better. So, I think doing yoga last night actually did make my vertigo disappear (at least for the time being). Therefore, what I thought was a yoga disaster actually turned out to be my saving grace…AGAIN!

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it once more, I LOVE YOGA.

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